Dolphin Tale 2 is coming – but SHS is going first!!

Take your kids to meet the dolphins right before the Dolphin Tale 2 premieres!!  Our hotel is just a stone’s throw from where Winter and Hope live!  How exciting for the whole family to make a visit to meet the dolphins and then be able to say “I was there” when the movie comes out!

Principal photography of Dolphin Tale 2 is expected to begin in mid October, continuing until mid January, with breaks for Thanksgiving and December holidays. Once again the aquarium where Winter lives will be the primary filming location — the houseboat set is still anchored there — with occasional closings to be announced.

Warner Bros. previously announced a Sept. 19, 2014, debut for Dolphin Tale 2 in theaters.

Dolphin Tale 2 will focus on Hope’s bonding with Winter and her adoptive mother Panama, plus Winter’s struggles adapting to her artificial tail. “We put a lot of real-life elements that we held back in Dolphin Tale into this movie that have not been told before,” Yates said.

Dolphin Tale eventually grossed $72.3 million at domestic box offices plus another $23 million overseas and $24 million in domestic DVD sales.

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