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Snorkeling in Clearwater

In the middle of Florida’s Gulf Coast, Clearwater offers truly special snorkeling opportunities. In some places, easily accessed snorkeling sites are right off the beach. And tours in the Clearwater area take snorkelers to freshwater springs, clear rivers, the home

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Who wants to go fishing?

Some people think you need a boat to catch fish. Bet they’ve never waded along our shoreline, towing a bucket of shrimp through the shallow grass beds. Walking through knee-deep water, casting as you go, is an easy and effective

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Clearwater Weather – Making the Most of Your Stay

Though the area has yet to top its own Guinness World Records title for the longest consecutive run of sunshine (768 days from Feb. 9, 1967, to March 17, 1969), there’s no denying its sunny disposition. Let sunscreen, a wide-brimmed

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