Best Advice!

Here is some great advice from some trip earners on how they have been consistently been earning Vacations!

Tammy Tegler tells us: My Best Advice is to try to have bonus trip points every month. By “bonus”, I mean in addition to your sales. That means sponsoring. Do your own sales for your base points, but sponsoring people at least every three months means you should always have bonus points as well.

Deania Trimble says I determine how many points I am going to need. Then, I figure what I need to do for each month, break it down into # of shows. I also like to add a cushion show or two whenever I can. I always like to have earned my trip, usually land package by the end of Jan., Feb. at the latest. Thank you for Double Trip Points. J Then figure in what I think I can do with recruiting and also sales from my Mega Outlet Sale, and then make it all happen. I keep a close eye on my trip points at the end of every month to see if I am on target. If I slack off one month, it is much harder to achieve my goals, and then I know I have to make it up somehow. It all boils down to being consistent.

Join Tammy & Deania in Clearwater by using their teriffic tips!

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